3rd Annual Offshore Power Cable Engineering And Reliability

21 - 22 February 2017

BIS group s.r.o. announces 3nd Annual Forum: Offshore Power Cable Engineering and Reliability taking place on 22nd – 23rd February 2017, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event will reiterate the success of the previous year and will be focused on the latest trends in cable technology (survey, installation, burial/testing, monitoring, inspection/maintenance and repair) as well as tackling the insurance issue. 

The Forum will showcase:

•    effective strategies for UXO Risks mitigation;
•    tools and techniques for cable lifetime and cost optimization ;
•    offshore cable inspection, monitoring & repair solutions;
•    risk based O&M management approach: insurance issue;

Main market players will share their ideas and experience throughout 2-day case studies, interactive breakout sessions, workshops, networking & experience exchange. 

The small-scale nature of the event, expert speakers and balanced spectrum of attending companies will ensure extensive networking and business opportunities. All attendees have an opportunity for deep involvement and can actively participate in the discussions in order to overcome relevant challenges and have influence on the overall industry development.

About BIS Group s.r.o.

We are the Business Intelligence Services company based in Europe. We believe that knowledge is the most powerful asset, especially, in the context of time and money. This inspires us to work with top professionals, global leaders and experts active in Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Supply Chain and Project Management. We are an exclusive platform supporting ambitious, progressive and forward-thinking companies and empowering them with the best market practices for today's fast changing markets.

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